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So inspirng and healing! Love it.

Inspiring podcast! Shane packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate, uplift and inspire you. I highly recommend!

Thoughtful and Inspiring

Listen to this podcast if you want to live a more soulful and fulfilled life. Love the conversations being had here on a variety of topics.

Inspired, Creative and Powerful

Shann's creativity, excitment for life, and full on wish for everyone to feel fulfilled is contagious. We can all use this energy in our life to counteract darkness and depression. Let yourself bask in her light!


Shann brings such an empowered perspective to every conversation!


I love the Anxiety Slayer podcast and wanted to check out what else Shann had to offer. I love the format of interviews and informative episodes and I’m always able to take something away each time I listen.

A must for listen for women!

Shann brings the best teachers and spiritual guides on her podcast. There is a wealth of information and inspiration in every episode.

Wisdom, Love and Transformation

Your podcasts are filled with illuminating beauty, Shann. Thank you for all that you bring to the world.

Divine Feminine

Beautifully inispiring conversation, challenging us to be a warrior, walking in beauty. Thank you, Shann, for creating such amazing gifts for us with your Transformation Goddess podcasts!!

Powerful, inspiring and transformational

Shann is a true goddess and her energy manifests beautifully in this podcast. To me this podcast feels like a homecoming: a reminder of our divine, powerful feminine energy and it’s need in the world today. Every feature is revealing, informative and inspiring. It’s one of my all time favorite podcasts. Thank you Shann!


Shann brings out the best in all her interview subjects. She is a Transformation Goddess and her show rocks!

Michelle B.

I enjoyed the Goddess Talk Session with Lisa on Letting Go. A refreshing and enlightening segment reminding to stand in our own power. Thank you!

Love Love Love This!!

I just can’t say enough amazing things about this podcast! Shann finds the most amazing people to interview and incorporates her own loving wisdom and guidance into all episodes. Thank you Shann for sharing your light with the world and giving others a platform to share their gift! Namaste

FUll of Strength, Grace, Beauty & Power

I love listening to Shann's earthy, crystal clear voice. The collective of feminine wisdom she brings in is deeply nourishing, delicious and luscious. I love to listen to the Divine Feminine Spotlight on the weekends with a cup of tea or warm cocoa and curl up by the fire of these podcasts. Thanks Shann!

Beautiful, Powerful, Authentic

I am grateful to Shann for providing this powerful forum for authentic women's voices to transform the lives of everyone who listens. Highly recommended!


I love all the various podcasts. Great messages for us all.


I LOVE Shann’s Divine Feminine Interviews because she shares the wisdom of not only herself but her guests as well. Refreshing, enlightening, and so enjoyable! Thank you Shann!

transformation Goddess experience

Powerful, uplifting and transformational conversations with women and for women of all ages and walks of life. Shann brings other women's stories to life as well as her own to teach, shift and inspire all women that we can walk in beauty no matter our circumstances. Love her voice as she leads this energetic circle of feminine energy and strength. Not to be missed!

Inspires Transformation!

Powerful wisdom. Deep, soulful, and divinely feminine conversations. Inspiring stories. Practical applications . . . these interviews truly inspire transformation! So beautiful, Shann! Thank you!


All of these interviews are full of wisdom and love! These women have been on powerful journeys and share their story - so relatable!

Powerful conversations!

Powerful conversations! Femininity, spirituality, authenticity, re-creation, tranformation, intuition, evolution and inspiration! It's all here.

Highly useful

Not for the weak of spirit or unwilling those unwilling to face themselves completely.

Get out of Your Own Way

I'll be listening to this more than once so it sinks in, I'm sure. Until I am able to laugh at myself more often, I will need some outside validation that it's okay to be imperfect. Thanks Shann! You are a gentle, funny, caring spirit. If I lived closer, I'm sure we'd spend more time together.

Moment by moment

Inspirational, workable advice. Thank you.


I cannot say enough!

Transforming everybody

As a husband and father of two daughters these discussions are the types of things we talk about. Shann and the show are great. Always interesting.

Informative and Inspiring

Just listened to the first episode of the Goddess Talk sessions with Lisa Marie Rosati and Shann Vanderleek. It made me laugh and it made me cry. So inspirational. Can't wait to hear more! :)